Originally from Weymouth Dorset, Craig moved to London to pursue a career being a session musician. After a decade of touring with various artists, Craig decided to start his own audio-visual project performing electronic techno-inspired dance music.


Craig writes, records and produces the music himself using a combination of live analogue synths and Ableton Live. The live show combines this with audiovisuals to deliver a truly engaging experience. The visuals are created by artist Alex Kempton, using his very own open-source visuals program, Hedron.


Craig’s latest single ‘Hold On’ will be released on 05 February 2021.


“Although the song was written before lockdown, I feel like the song depicts a journey, or a struggle, With ultimately a positive optimistic ending. Which I think encompasses the feeling and the situation many are feeling at the moment.” 


This will be the first single from his new EP ‘Solace' that will be released in March 2021’.

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